This dent by Mònica Ramírez Arceda finally gave me the energy to update the statistics about female participation in Debian, first published by Margarita Manterola back in 2010.

So, here the new graph updated to February 2013.

Female participation in Debian graph

The necessary caveat is that is not easy (at least for me) to tell the gender just based on first names, so the actual numbers may be higher.

In addition, you should be warned that there are some contributions not easily traceable: it's the case of translators, graphic artists and documentation writers, as well as event organizers.

For instance, Beatrice Torracca doesn't appear in these stats, and she is the co-coordinator of the Italian translation team and a long term Debian (and free software in general) contributor. There was a proposal to better track non packaging contributors, but no news on that front yet (at least that I'm aware of).


  • "first uploads": via UDD (except for the first two cases that are from old changelogs)

  • DD and DM: taken from NM website

You can find the data used as well as the updated graph here.


  • graph comparing male and female participation in Debian
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demotivational poster

Am I the only one who logically inferred this from the Ubuntu for Android's tagline "One device to rule them all"?

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official blog for the Debian project? challenge accepted

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm so excited to present you the official blog of the Debian Project.

The idea is to make it the voice of the project, in addition to the official press releases and DPN, our bi-weekly newsletter.
I'm really excited about it not only because it will help us to communicate better with our users in letting them know what is going on, but also because it's something we long waited (and planned) for.

And it was surely a collective effort: many thanks to Ana Guerrero, who not only is one of the main editors, but also the engine behind the idea and the realization of it; Stefano Zacchiroli, who during his three terms as DPL gave lots of support to this idea; and the Debian System Administrators Team who put all in place (and found the perfect name for it).

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