A quick roundup of things I made during the last months, following tutorials here and there.

finished projects for babies

1: a soft bunny more or less based on this one

2: skelly man! You can find pattern and instructions on Chez Beeper Bebe's blog

3: bibs: the embroidered one is based on this pattern by Charlotte Lyons on SouleMama's blog, the other re-uses the same pattern but add a bird applique instead.

finished projects for women

1, 4: my first try with the beautiful Weekender Bag ended with something else entirely: apparently, where euclidean geometry principles apply, cutting a piece of fabric 10 cm smaller will result in a bag 10 cm smaller!
Go figure! Fhtang!

I'm happy anyway with the final result, but it resembles more a tote bag than a weekender one. I then made also a successful Weekender, but haven't taken a pic yet. If you try that pattern, you may find this blogpost helpful.

2: This is my try at copycatting this model without a pattern and didn't end very well.
However, a couple lessons learned:

  • you don't improvise armholes and sleeves: you have to carefully plan them. I know this now, but at the time I was just a kid with a crazy dream ;)
  • a-line dresses with straight necklines are definitely not meant for my body type. no matter how cute they look on someone else.
  • I really should hack my mannequin, so to have it of my actual size. Or I will continue sew clothes fitting it, and not me.

3: Blouse with knit-stretchy stuff! (You love me when I speak technical, don't you?)
I did that without pattern, mostly using a similar top I have as inspiration/guide