In his latest bits from the DPL, Stefano wrote:

I'd like to respond (also) here to inquiries I'm receiving these days: I will not run again as DPL. So you have about 20 days to mob^Wconvince other DDs to run, or decide to run yourself. Do not to wait for the vary last minute, as that makes for lousy campaigns.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am pleased to present you...


The goal of the game is to let people know you think they'd be nice DPLs.
The point is not to pressure them, but to let them know they're awesome and make them at least consider the idea to run for DPL. The winners are those who have at least one of their Fantastic Four running for DPL. Bonus points if one of them ends being the next DPL.

Name three persons (plus a reserve, just in case) you'd like to see as candidates for DPL. Publicly list them (on your blog or on using the hashtag #DPLgame) or at least let them know that you'd like to have them as candidate for DPL (via private mail).
You may want to add a couple of lines explaining the rationale for your choices.


The more the merrier

Some suggestions on how to play:
First think of the qualities a DPL needs to do, in your opinion, a good job. Then look around you: the people you work with, the people you see interact on mailing list, etc. There must be someone with those qualities.

Here are my Fantastic Four (in rigorous alphabetic order):

  • Russ Allbery
  • Gregor Herrmann
  • Christian Perrier
  • Martin Zobel-Helas

In my opinion, they all more or less have: enthusiasm, a general understanding of dynamics inside the project and of various technical sides of the project itself, ability to delegate and coordinate with different people (inside and outside the project), good communication skills and some diplomacy and ability in de-escalating conflicts.

These are people I worked with or I observed working and discussing on mailing lists, and I think they'd do a good job.

But -hey!- we are almost a thousand of developers and you cannot possibly know everyone or observe all the people who work in the various teams.

This is why you should pick your four names!