"I think that we need to be better at accepting mistakes. It's OK to not know everything, it's OK to not be perfect right from the start, but it's better to be vocal about things you don't know, things you are unsure, than to just hide it under the carpet and hope nobody will notice."
Lucas Nussbaum, Bits from the DPL

"This is my definition for a team: waking up in the morning and realizing that somebody else has solved your problem from yesterday."
Andreas Tille, How to attract new developers for your team

While working on English subtitles for DC13 talks, you can stumble upon some real gems. The subtitling work is progressing nicely: four talks have now subtitles available (you can find them here), thanks to the work of Daniel, Gunnar and myself (as well as the reviews from Justin, Andreas and Michael!). In the meanwhile we created an alioth group and a related repository for the sub team, and there are several subtitles in progress!

How can you help?

  • you can claim a talk and create the English subtitles for it (more info here)
  • you can translate in your language the subtitles already available
  • if you are hearing impaired, please send us some feedback: we are trying to create subtitles that are also useful for people with hearing problems, but we've not much experience in the field :)